Buying Club - Annual & Sale Catalog

Product Description:

The United Natural complete store in a catalog.

This is your answer to the "how can I afford to eat organically all the time?" question.

Here you can choose any product available in a natural food store or co-op, and save a bundle by buying in bulk.

This catalog is published annually and is good for an entire year's worth of buying club products. Here you'll be able to find items by categories such as:

  • Frozen: meats, entrees, baked goods, vegetables & fruit
  • Refrigerated: cheese, prepared foods, dairy, soy, tofu, and beverages
  • Dry Goods: Bulk pasta, beans, grains, nuts, dried fruit, cereal, flours, and snacks
  • Grocery: Soaps, toothpaste, shampoo, pet food & care, essential oils, candles
  • And Much More!

Also includes a sale catalog to get you started as a "first time buyer."

Products are listed by item number, weight, description, brand, and case price.

*Please note that we cannot ship the products themselves, which are available only for pickup directly at The Freighthouse, Broad St, Lyndonville, VT.

Price: $3.00

Shipping Options:

Not Currently Available for Online Purchase - Please Call Us to Order Locally or Check Back Soon.

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