Producing farm fresh certified organic foods, including certified organic grass-fed beef, organic vegetables, and compost.

To further our commitment to raising the healthiest and most flavorful food obtainable above and beyond even certified organic standards, we purchase almost no farm inputs, as we do not trust that even the corn being used in organic grain is GMO free. Instead, we raise certified organic barley and produce our own compost for our crops. Our cattle are fed crops that we raise organically, and our crops are fertilized by our own compost and organic cow manure. We pick all of our vegetables ourselves and store them in our root cellar. Additionally, we use as many compostable supplies as availability allows and all biodegradable waste produced by the restaurant is returned to the farm, composted, and spread on our fields and pastures. This natural fertilizer is used to produce another crop, thus completing the natural food cycle.

What this means to you, our valued customer, is that our commitment to bringing to your table the healthiest, safest food obtainable is unsurpassed and second to none, and quite possibly the finest obtainable globally.

Three generations of your hosts, the Paris Family, live year round on the same food. Grown, harvested, prepared and served by the same loving hands.


We sell Compost!


Call us to schedule a delivery or pickup fpr compost at our site.

Compost line: (802) 626-3265.

We're a proud producer-member of Organic Valley Family of Farms. A co-op. 

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